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Goal Setting Q & A

Do you ever ask yourself why those goals you set didn’t work?

Or have you never set goals before and don’t know where to start?

Perhaps you have goals to reach but struggle to break them down into actions in order to achieve them?

In this video, I answer your questions and challenges around setting and achieving goals. If you missed the live broadcast, do please add your questions below in the comments and I will come back and answer them for you.

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Turn your New Year goals into actions


Turn your goals into actions

In this video, I’m sharing with you my proven method for turning your New Year resolutions or goals into actions.

I will explain the default diary and the difference between an action and a project and you will learn how to break things down into doable tasks.

Get your FREE copy of my 9-page worksheet that will walk you through my alternative goal setting process.  With this process, I flip goal setting on its head!

Find out more: Design Your Best Year worksheet:…

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How To Stop Procrastinating And Get Moving FAST!

How to stop procrastinating and get moving

I thought it would be useful to share my recent post to my private Facebook group where I share tips with my clients.  The post is all about how I managed to procrastinate about something all day until I remembered my nifty way of getting myself moving.

Just, you know, in case it might help you 🙂

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3 Steps to Setting Goals That Make Your Heart Sing

3 Steps To Setting Goals That Make Your Sing (1)

It’s amazing how things come together sometimes, don’t you think?  Towards the beginning of 2015 I read a book called The Desire Map by Danielle La Porte.  The book is about how and why the conventional way of setting goals may not work for you and provides a compelling alternative. 

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Time to Lighten Up!

It's time to lighten up!

I  made a video for you a couple of weeks ago, about the messages I’d been getting through various means – all of them saying ‘lighten up’ ‘have more fun’ ‘stop taking it all so seriously’.  It was a lovely video, with sunshine breaking through the rain clouds, birds singing and the sound of running water nearby.  Absolutely splendid!  Until I got back home and watched it through…

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Inner Wisdom Project – Ambition

Inner Wisdom Project Part 1 - Ambition

During a meditation the other day I had the idea to record myself talking about different topics, with no plan, just seeing what comes up as I talked.  Straight away I put a message out on my Facebook page asking for topics to explore, and I had a great response.  Read on to find out what the topics were and what I’ve learned so far from this experiment.

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How To Super-Charge Your New Year’s Resolutions In 3 Easy Steps



So, if you’re like most people you’ve probably talked about resolutions on New Year’s Eve and in the days afterwards.  Also, like most people you’ve probably already started to struggle to keep them up.  Or maybe you’re in the other camp – because you know they don’t work for people, you don’t bother setting any at all.

Neither option is very satisfactory, because you know there’s stuff you want to change or achieve, but you don’t want to waste time (and get your hopes up) if it’s not going to work out.

In this blog post I’m going to reveal the reasons why resolutions don’t work and my 3 easy steps to finally set yourself up for success.  This is the same system that I teach in a lot more depth on my 7 Days To Tame Your To-Do List online programme.  If you want this year to be different, to get the life you really want, you’ll want to be part of this FREE training.

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