How To Stop Procrastinating And Get Moving FAST!

How to stop procrastinating and get moving

I thought it would be useful to share my recent post to my private Facebook group where I share tips with my clients.  The post is all about how I managed to procrastinate about something all day until I remembered my nifty way of getting myself moving.

Just, you know, in case it might help you 🙂


Ooops! I’ve got a good one for you today lovelies! If ever there was any doubt that I’m on this journey with you, here’s your evidence.

This week my diary is pretty packed so I knew I wasn’t likely to get much done on my own projects this week. Knowing this, I set myself just ONE overall task to complete – to make a start on my new lead magnet (freebie to give away). This is made up of about 3 much smaller tasks and they’re all easy to do. (I like to break things down into their absolutely smallest components so it’s easier to get started).

I had coaching booked in this morning, which got postponed, so there I was with an extra couple of hours on my hands. What did I do, I hear you ask? Well…I steamed the carpets! Yep, instead of working on something that will take me closer to my goals (as well as help lots of people) I did something else.

Here’s why I think it happened:

1. Part of me doesn’t want to write another cheat sheet because I already put a lot of work into the first one. The think is, although the first one is good, it’s not what my ideal client (people a lot like you lovely lot) wants, at least in it’s current form
2. I’d planned to do it tomorrow and I think I found it hard to change my thinking on that in my brains
3. In my head I’m thinking of the overall task, rather than focus on my first, very broken down action
4. I’m human!

So here’s what I’m going to do, and you can all check up on me later if you like! I’m off now to do the first step of creating my new lead magnet – copy the original one so that I can make changes to it!!! (see, told you they were easy steps!). Who knows, once I’ve done that I might tackle the next step – delete what’s not needed.

If you take one thing from this post, let it be that we all procrastinate, self-sabotage and generally muck about and the first step in getting moving is recognising that we’re doing it.

If you take another thing from this post it might be what a good idea it is to break your own tasks down into tiny components, so that when you do come to do them, it’s easy peasy!

Speak to you soon 😀

PS I’m definitely off now to start it x



I completed steps one and two in the space of a few minutes, so got right down to creating the new content – exactly the thing I’d been needing to get done but had been putting off all day! So let me reiterate…if there’s something you need to get done, break it down into the smallest of tasks – perhaps starting with “Turn on my computer” if you’re really stuck!

Then just focus on completing the first one and ignore the rest until you’ve done it.  You’ll be surprised how easy it is to move through the list once you get started and as you tick each one off you’ll feel more and more effective and successful.

Give it a try yourself!

With love and gratitude 🙂

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