About Cindy

A selfie of Cindy the feel good coach smiling, wearing a floral top
Cindy, the Feel Good Coach

Hi I’m Cindy, also known by many as the Feel Good Coach.

For years I was a “serial supressaholic”, meaning I would never fully let my emotions out.  A little bit might leak out at times, but I was always quick to push it straight back down.  I later realised it was a coping mechanism I developed as a very young child.

This habit was incredibly destructive and led to my being diagnosed with depression and requiring regular courses of anti-depressants.  In my job I was given the opportunity to do a coaching course, to enhance our training offering.  This course changed my life.

I learned that my thoughts were not just there, but that I was creating them.  I also learned that many of them were not true and the emotions I was feeling were intrinsically linked to my thoughts.  Until that moment I had lived my life at the mercy of my thoughts and emotions.

By the end of the course I was hooked on finding out more and helping other people who were suffering like I had been.  Eventually when I left that job, I began my own coaching business and began to do just that.

Since then I continue to learn and apply everything I can to improve my mental health and resilience, also applying everything I learn in coaching situations.  I have made a significant difference in countless lives and this will always be part of my purpose here on earth.

I am qualified as an NLP practitioner, mBit coach (this is about aligning head, heart and gut intelligence) and EFT practitioner.  I have studied many other practices besides these and when coaching, I incorporate all my knowledge combined in an intuitive way.

To share some of the methods and tools I have used to become the happy, resilient and resourceful person I am today, I wrote a book called Life in Technicolour.  It got its name from how different my life has been since I kicked depression’s butt for good. 

I went from experiencing life as faded, muted and dull, to life in full technicolour.  I want everyone to have the opportunity to live this way, so I’m sharing news of my book far and wide!

a photo of 3 glass jars filled with colourful green, blue, brown and white frosted glass that has been worn down by the action of the ocean.
My beautiful sea glass collection

A little about my life as it is now…

I moved to North Devon because I had always wanted to live by the sea, so it has been a dream come true.  I really did follow my heart, as there were not any logical reasons to pick this particular place, yet it felt like home the first time I visited.  I have been incredibly happy ever since I moved.

I love spending time on the beaches and looking for sea glass.  I have jars of it around the house now! Sea glass is old broken glass that has been worn smooth by the sea, pebbles and sand as it washes in and out with the tides.  It comes in some beautiful colours and there’s something quite exciting about finding a large chunk of a rare hue.  There’s definitely a metaphor in there somewhere!

Herbie the Border Terrier, looking out over the sea

I love taking photos for my dog Herbie’s thriving Instagram account, which is loads of fun and encourages me to get out and explore.  I get to come up with creative ways to show off his cuteness and intelligence, plus his feed is full of other cute doggos!

I am very interested in gut health, because one of the coaching methods I use (with others and for myself) is based on the alignment of our head, heart and gut.  The health and variety of our microbiome (gut flora and fauna) is directly linked to mental health, so you can see why it’s so important to me.

To support my own gut, which had been knocked by repeated antibiotic treatments, I started making my own kombucha and water kefir.  These are both cultures of beneficial yeasts and bacteria, that create tasty probiotic drinks.

Now I have my beloved kombucha and kefir “babies” that I love to take care of and create different flavoured drinks with.  I even talk to them sometimes – I’m sure it helps!

During lockdown in 2020, with all that enforced inside time, I discovered that I am an artist.  Until then I would draw occasionally, but never painted and certainly wouldn’t show anybody what I’d created.  Now I paint the land and seascapes around my home as well as other things that inspire me.  I’ve even sold quite a few and have an online shop!!

If anything I’ve said here resonates with you, I would love to hear from you.  Head to the contact form here and send me an email so we can start a conversation.  Remember to check out my blogs while you’re here – there is a ton of useful information housed within these pages.

And come connect with me over on social media.  I’m a real person and I love meeting new people.  Speak to you soon!

A painting of a beach at Ilfracombe, by Cindy the author of this page.
My first and favourite painting
A vibrant green painting of a path winding through the trees in an english wood. Painted by Cindy