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Goal Setting Q & A

Do you ever ask yourself why those goals you set didn’t work?

Or have you never set goals before and don’t know where to start?

Perhaps you have goals to reach but struggle to break them down into actions in order to achieve them?

In this video, I answer your questions and challenges around setting and achieving goals. If you missed the live broadcast, do please add your questions below in the comments and I will come back and answer them for you.

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Turn your New Year goals into actions


Turn your goals into actions

In this video, I’m sharing with you my proven method for turning your New Year resolutions or goals into actions.

I will explain the default diary and the difference between an action and a project and you will learn how to break things down into doable tasks.

Get your FREE copy of my 9-page worksheet that will walk you through my alternative goal setting process.  With this process, I flip goal setting on its head!

Find out more: Design Your Best Year worksheet:…

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Tapping to beat stress

When we think about something stressful our brains sense danger (like in the cavemen days but back then the danger was being killed or eaten) and our bodies initiate the fight or flight response. During this process, the body releases adrenalin and cortisol, the “stress hormone”. When we are subjected to long-term stress these hormones remain in our bodies and cause all sorts of physiological issues as well as mental ones and our long-term health begins to suffer as a result.
It is important for us to recognise these symptoms and find a way to deal with them. In this video, I describe how EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can have a very positive impact on you in a very simple and effective way. Watch it now to find out how.

Tapping to beat stress.

What’s your morning routine?


Having a good morning routine has many benefits. Did you know that people are most productive when they wake up? If you have a good morning routine you are more likely to maintain that level of energy and productivity.

The more you can achieve in the morning when energy levels are higher the more time you will have later to reflect on what you have done and also to get organised for the rest of the day or even the next day. A good daily routine creates energy that develops into a mindset that helps you tackle all the challenges your day can bring you. Watch my video to see my morning routine.

My feel good morning routine