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Rest in Peace

WARNING: This post may not be quite what you think it is from the title!

I hope this short video helps you to begin to deal with any negative aspects of your life right now and find more peace of mind everyday. In this video I refer to the book ‘The Space Within: Finding Your Way Back Home‘ by Michael Neill, which I’ve only recently come across, but it has had a huge impact on my understanding and deepened my wellbeing.

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Sunshine on a rainy day! How to be happy even on a gloomy day.

I made this video this morning, because it was so dark and dingy and I knew I wouldn’t have been the only one struggling to get out of bed.  I hope that sharing my morning Feel Good Routine will show you that it doesn’t matter what the weather’s doing, you can still have a fab start to the day!

As promised in the video, here’s a link to my happy playlist that I listen to on shuffle every morning.  You’ll need to get a Spotify account to listen, but you can try it out for free 🙂



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Enjoy life again, you deserve it!

Want to feel loved?

Today is a very special day – I’m celebrating our Silver Wedding Anniversary with my gorgeous hubby Mike.  I’m feeling so loved up that I recorded a video for you, all about love.  If you want to feel more loved, give it a watch!

Hello lovely! If you’ve watched the video you’ll have seen my little dog Herbie getting in on the action behind me!

If you’ve watched or read any of my stuff before, you’ll have noticed that I go on about self-love a lot – that’s because it’s the Number One Most Important Thing for you to do if you want to be happy and to have lots of love to give to others.

Some people don’t have a clue how to get started, because self-love is such an alien concept after years of self-abuse.  If that’s you, drop me a line and we can arrange a Skype or phone call and have a good chat about it.  I’d love to hear from you, so either comment below or drop me a line on 🙂

Enjoy life again, you deserve it!