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Overcome Your Driving Fears in 3 Easy Steps

Overcome your driving fears in 3 easy steps (1)

A lot of the women I talk to have fears around driving.  They tell me they avoid driving long distances, driving on the motorway, driving at night or they feel nervous when they have to drive somewhere new, even in their home town.  Do any of these common fears ring a bell with you?

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Perfectly Imperfect

Can I tell you something? It’s not easy for me to say but I feel like you’ll give me a fair hearing, so here goes…

I’ve been putting off writing this month’s blog post for at least 2 weeks because I needed to make it perfect.

There, I’ve said it.

I feel like I should know better, be able to ‘fix’ myself somehow so that I don’t procrastinate like this. But guess what – I’m a perfectly imperfect human and I can talk myself out of all sorts of things if I try hard enough (and I can be very persistent – ask my husband!)

So this is me, telling you what I’ve been doing.  A sort of ‘Confessions Of A Life Coach’ if you will.

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Walk Of Fire: The Final Chapter

zacks house 066

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I started a series of posts about an amazing day I took part in back in October.  It was an event designed to help people overcome fears and challenges and take a giant leap forward in just one day.  You can read my first post here, which was about how not taking part in one of the activities actually taught me something about myself.  Part 2 was about being first in line to break an arrow with my throat!  Find it here.  This 3rd and final part is about walking on hot coals and how it made me challenge my fears.

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