My Unique 5 Step Feel Good Formula

My Unique 5 Step Feel Good Formula(weeding your garden)

Creating your best life is a lot like gardening – it’s an ongoing and continuous process, it requires lots of commitment and sometimes it gets messy! 

Picture This

Imagine you’re taking over a garden that’s been a bit neglected for many years.  There are large parts that are really pretty and productive, but there are also other, hidden parts that are a mass of weeds, discarded rubbish and decaying matter.  The roots of the weeds are starting to encroach on the productive parts of the garden until, even in the best areas, small but strong shoots are poking their heads above the ground and just becoming noticeable.  You know that if you leave the weeds to grow, the garden is going to get worse and the flowers will start to be choked off, but you don’t really know how to get rid of them – at least not for good.


Introducing Your ‘Mind Garden’

This garden I’ve described is a lot like our emotional wellbeing, in that most of us have areas that are shiny and lovely and where everything is just great, we have some bits that are not so great (but we mostly try to ignore them) and we often have hidden beliefs, fears and other blocks that are affecting us without our knowing.

Through my work with clients and as a result of the many different development tools I’ve studied, I’ve created my proven Feel Good Formula.  This is the structure I use when coaching my clients (and in my own continuing development) to support and nourish the lovely and productive parts of our ‘mind gardens’ and to do essential maintenance and weeding!


Here’s how my five step Feel Good Formula works


step 1The first step in creating your best ‘mind garden’ (and therefore your best life) is to clear away any surface vegetation and clutter so you get real clarity on what’s actually there.  Using a visualisation process you will get really clear about what you want and what’s currently stopping you, sometimes without you consciously knowing a thing about it.  This is the time to set a positive intention for the programme too, although we will revisit this step in each session, as your intention will likely change as you heal and grow.


step 2

Together we’ll uncover the weeds with the deepest roots that are triggering the biggest emotional reactions in you.  These are likely to be long held beliefs, which are no longer serving you and are blocking you unconsciously in your daily life.  We’ll get to the deep underlying causes of these beliefs or blocks, so that any work we do will have the biggest impact.


step 3Every session is different and I rely totally on my intuition to know which tool to use, so I can’t say for sure how we will clear the weeds.  I use a combination or blend of various forms of EFT tapping, NLP, mBit coaching and many more tools.  These are all things I use regularly myself and have helped numerous clients with, to quickly and effectively clear blocks, limiting beliefs, fears and destructive thinking habits.  You will instantly feel the difference at this part of the process.


Steps 1, 2 and 3 are where you will get your big ‘Aha!’ moments.  It’s always amazing how much wisdom and insight we already have, once we know how to access it.

step 4Take inspired action that is aligned with your core values, true desires and who you are deep down.  This step is incredibly exciting, as you begin to see the possibilities open to you and can fully understand the power you have in your hands.  This is the point when you start to see measurable changes reflected in your life that are all taking you closer to your goals and the inspired, loving and fulfilling life you truly desire.


step 5Become equipped to continue your own personal growth between sessions and for the rest of your life.  You’ll learn life skills that will support you in taking your inspired actions as well as enabling you to handle life’s ups and downs with ease.  Setbacks will seem more like small blips and you’ll be more resilient.  You’ll need these skills to support you as you continuously stretch your comfort zone.  As your coach, I’ll be there to help you nip problems in the bud, so that your development will continue at a pace that’s right for you.


Rinse And Repeat

Feel Good For Life Formula Graphic 2


The Feel Good Formula is a repeating cycle of clarity, clearing, taking action and reviewing, then back to clarity.  This ensures that as you grow and expanding your comfort zone, you are reaching into and clearing deeper levels of weeds.  The more weeds you clear, the more your garden will bloom and produce fruit and the greater results you will see in your life.  Imagine that once-neglected garden all cleared out and replanted, filled with trees that are weighed down with fruit and beautiful flowers as far as you can see.  Quite a sight isn’t it?


So tell me, when did you last do some weeding?

If this post has resonated with you, I’d love to know, so please comment below.

With gratitude as always

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2 thoughts on “My Unique 5 Step Feel Good Formula

  1. Brigid

    What a great analogy, Cindy! I especially like how the analogy shows that it’s a labour of love. Sometimes we don’t like to take a close look at what’s not working (hello, inner critic!), but you’re totally right that it makes room for the good stuff to grow. When I think of gardening, I think of admiring the beauty along the way. Cleaning up the weeds is just part of the process – no judgment. Just an opportunity to allow the beauty to flourish and to admire your own handiwork. Love this!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Brigid, thanks very much for your comment, I really appreciate your thoughts seeing as you’re a fellow blogger 🙂


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