Time to Lighten Up!

It's time to lighten up!

I  made a video for you a couple of weeks ago, about the messages I’d been getting through various means – all of them saying ‘lighten up’ ‘have more fun’ ‘stop taking it all so seriously’.  It was a lovely video, with sunshine breaking through the rain clouds, birds singing and the sound of running water nearby.  Absolutely splendid!  Until I got back home and watched it through…

….when I realised I’d got someone’s car registration number right behind my shoulder the whole way through.  As I’d mentioned my location in the video, I didn’t feel right with putting the video online for all to see and after trying to find an easy way to block out the number plate, I finally had to accept that it wasn’t going to be a good use of my time to faff about with it any longer.  So I binned it.

It was a bit of a shame and I felt a little put out about it, but then I remembered the content – what I’d been talking about in the video – and I just had to laugh at myself.  For goodness sake! If it was that good and I was meant to share that message in a video, I’d get inspired to talk about it again!

Which I haven’t!

So I’m writing a blog post about it instead, which is flowing out of me with ease, even as I’m writing this.  You see that’s the point – I don’t plan my videos, I don’t stress about the message or the content or even a ‘call to action’ to get you to click on something afterwards.  I simply trust that useful stuff will come out!  And that’s the same approach I’m using right now.  I mean really, right NOW!

Message Received Loud And Clear

I want to share with you some of the things that happened that led me to pick up the message to have more fun and lighten up. So here is my ‘list of enlightenment’ (ha ha can you hear a big booming voice as you read that???)

  1. Working with one of my clients who has her own business, we realised early on that she’d been looking for and attracting clients who were ‘broken and needed fixing’. Now it’s not really true that anyone is ‘broken’ because we’re all perfect exactly as we are, but that’s the phrase that came up.  And now, towards the end of our 3 months working together, she had come to know that what she really wanted was clients who are positive, full of energy and full of the desire to have a fabulous life.  Now she’s feeling even more energised and excited about her business and can’t wait to start working with and serving these new kind of clients.
  2. Another of my clients, also just coming towards the end of my Life Transformation Coaching Programme, was dealing with a multitude of physical health issues as well as emotional challenges. She was very motivated right from the start, and was absolutely brilliant at going away and doing everything I taught her and everything she said she would.  The only problem was, she was treating herself like a project that had to get done and didn’t seem to be taking time to enjoy the good times (of which there were many).  It was all about ‘fixing’ herself as quickly as possible and I knew she needed to relax and trust the process more, to really get the results she wanted.  She’s great at doing what needs to be done, so I know she’ll be focusing on lightening up and having more fun now. Hooray!
  3. I did a quick mBit coaching session with a friend, which enabled her to let go of the hold a seemingly huge problem had over her, along with all the stress and worry that came with it and suddenly she was laughing about it! Interestingly, the whole thing resolved itself within days and a house move that had been dragging on and on, was all done and dusted within the week!
  4. Just this week, I was working with my lovely friend and new client Hazel Robinson, who also has her own business – Nuts About Style, and she’d lost sight of her purpose and felt a little demotivated. Again, after mBit coaching she was suddenly gripped with unstoppable creativity and enthusiasm to bring more of her real, wonderful self to what she does. And as a result, she’s already bringing enormous fun and joy into her writing and getting a fantastic response from her tribe.  Find out more about Hazel and her mission to help women be more creative confident in how they dress here: Nuts About Style on Facebook

PS I know Hazel doesn’t mind me sharing this here because I’ve checked…of course our sessions are completely confidential, but Hazel has written about it herself in her latest blog: http://archive.aweber.com/generalstyle/MjuWn/h/How_to_be_creative_with_your.htm

Listen To Your Own Advice

I’m firmly of the belief that if something shows up in my world, it has a message for me, maybe even about me, so when I kept giving my clients the advice to have more fun and lighten up, it made me think about what I want in my business.

When I started out, I wanted to help women who were in a similar place to me a few years ago.  Doing OK but knowing deep down that something was holding me back and that if I didn’t do something about it, I’d never be free.

How Things Have Changed

But as I’ve grown with my business (as you know, I’m constantly doing my own personal development alongside helping my clients), I’ve become more drawn to working with women who’ve already done a lot of this stuff.  Women who are into positive thinking and know why it’s important; women who feel dissatisfied with the overwhelmingly negative messages we receive from mass media and want more positivity in their lives; women who are already doing very well and want to take it to the next level, and find out what they can really do when they let the light inside shine and dazzle.

All of those fantastic and incredibly clear messages I picked up from my world around me have led me to revisit my own ‘why’ in my business and my own ideal client.  Oh my gosh, I can’t tell you how excited I feel right now having just written all that down for the first time!!!!

If any of my experience resonates with you, I’d love to connect with you, so please click here to book a discovery call with me:  https://freecoachingsession.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?appointmentType=584896

(I’ve recently reduced these calls from 5 to 3 a week due to my availability, so book now to ensure you get a slot)

Have a wonder-filled day my lovely and…


…lighten up, have more fun and stop taking yourself so seriously!

PS in case you’re wondering, I wrote this ‘from the heart’ and fully tapped in to my heart brain.  Book a discovery call to find out more!

With gratitude as always

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