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Inner Wisdom Project – Excitement

Inner Wisdom ProjectPart 2excitement

I’m doing a project to tap into my inner wisdom on a number of different topics.  Find out more by checking out my first post   >>here<<

Today’s recording is on the topic of excitement.  I’ve been putting off doing this for some time, partly because I had a cold and sounded awful but since I’ve been better, because I was worried I wouldn’t know what to say.  This is really funny because the whole point of this exercise is I don’t know what I’m going to say!  Ha ha just goes to show how our thoughts can trip us up.

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Inner Wisdom Project – Ambition

Inner Wisdom Project Part 1 - Ambition

During a meditation the other day I had the idea to record myself talking about different topics, with no plan, just seeing what comes up as I talked.  Straight away I put a message out on my Facebook page asking for topics to explore, and I had a great response.  Read on to find out what the topics were and what I’ve learned so far from this experiment.

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Overcome Your Driving Fears in 3 Easy Steps

Overcome your driving fears in 3 easy steps (1)

A lot of the women I talk to have fears around driving.  They tell me they avoid driving long distances, driving on the motorway, driving at night or they feel nervous when they have to drive somewhere new, even in their home town.  Do any of these common fears ring a bell with you?

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