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3 Things Everyone Ought To Know About Life Coaching

It is my opinion that anyone that wants to achieve anything would do well to have a coach.  But don’t take my word for it!  Watch this short video from Tony Robbins about why you might want to have a coach in the first place:

Like Tony says, if you want lasting change you need a coach.

The thing is though, most people don’t understand what life coaching is REALLY about. They tend to think of coaching as some airy fairy thing that people with too much money and not enough sense indulge in.

I don’t blame those people, because life coaching can be a mystery if you’re not in the know. That’s why I’ve decided to bust some of the myths about life coaching, right here and now.

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How I broke an arrow with my throat and told my negative voices to Shut The **** Up!!!


Did you know that in dream symbology, an arrow can mean messages, a messenger, writings, or victory over one’s enemy?

This is the second in a series of 3 blogs about the transformational day I took part in back in October 2014.  The first blog post was about how missing out on one of the challenges was actually a really good thing, and caused me to vow to be first in line for the very next challenge. You can read it here.

You’re going to break an arrow with your throat!

So you’re joining me just as the trainer Steve was about to announce the next exercise.  We were waiting with baited breath as he said “You’re all going to break an arrow with your throat!”  What?

An arrow.

With my throat.

Nope, not happening.

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