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Guest Blogger Rhiannon Kemp-Davies with a different take on women’s confidence

Foreword from Cindy:

Cindy Davis The Feel Good CoachDear lovely readers, I’ve been searching out some really talented bloggers who all have something in common – they’re passionate about empowering women in all walks of life to become more confident and live their lives in a more expanded way – just like me!

I met Rhiannon Kemp-Davies through a women’s business club we’re both members of and I immediately had the idea of asking her to write guest blogs for me.  Rhiannon is an up and coming business woman in a rather cheeky industry!  Her business is That’s The Spot and she specialises in one-to-one consultations with women who are looking for information and to buy adult toys.  I thought it was really important to invite Rhiannon to write a post for me, because her work is in an area that is instrumental to women’s confidence.

WARNING: this post contains sexual references related to the nature of Rhiannon’s business.  If you don’t want to see that kind of stuff, stop reading now!

Still here?  Great!  Well then, let me hand over to Rhiannon…

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