Sink or Swim?

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Newsflash: It’s Hard Work Sometimes!

I talk a lot about my journey through depression and out the other side, in the hope that it will help someone else going through a similar experience. I’m now in my 16th month free from depression without the aid of medication and I’m extremely grateful to everyone that’s been part of my recovery.

There’s something I need to tell you though – the fact that I’m free of depression doesn’t mean I don’t have to work at it, because I do. I work at it every single day. Some people think that people like me who teach self-love and positive thinking are always happy and balanced, but the truth is we’re still human.

Going Deeper

Lately I’ve been on a deep-sea diving trip into some of my deepest darkest ‘stuff’, releasing loads along the way and feeling the benefit as the weight lifts off me, but there’s been a huge side-effect. It’s usual when we’re doing deep releasing and healing work to need time to process what’s come up. Sometimes it can be compared to the grieving process – either grieving for what we lost, what we never had, for the person we were before or even for the part of us we’ve just released.

I’ve been doing a lot of processing myself over the last month or so and the inner work I’ve been doing has brought up yet more ‘stuff’ to be dealt with along the way. It’s been hard to focus on work. I’m fully committed to my clients and the work we’re doing together, so no problem there, but keeping up with blogging, marketing, newsletters and social media has been tricky to say the least.

My Daily Choice – To Sink Or Swim?

The hardest thing has been beating the urge to sink into depression and not have to do any of it or cope with anything anymore. People would be concerned about me, take extra care of me and nobody would expect anything of me. It’s an extremely attractive idea. At the moment it’s a daily struggle to not give into it, so I’m doing anything and everything I can to resist.

You might read that last paragraph and think I’m saying it’s your own fault if you’re depressed but that’s not what I’m saying at all. Sometimes it’s the only choice there is when you can’t cope and I know, because I’ve been there. But right now, I personally have got just enough resources, determination and inner strength to choose differently and I’m aiming to keep it that way.

It might sound like I’m feeling really down, but I’m not – most days I’m feeling brilliant – it simply takes a bit more effort and energy to feel like this at the moment.  I suppose it doesn’t come quite so naturally to me right now.  But that’s OK, because I know I can do it and I know it will get easier.

I wrote this piece about how the urge to slip into depression feels to me…

The Siren's Call (1)

I don’t know if I’ll be successful in making this choice for the rest of my life and to be honest, I think that’s too far ahead to look anyway. For now I’m taking each day as it comes, enjoying it as much as I can and making my choice to keep loving myself enough to do this.

I’m making that choice right now. And now. And again now.  And now…we could be here a while! Now, now, now, now. I’m choosing to feel good right now and I hope you are too.

If you’re struggling in any way, here’s the Number One thing I’ve learned:

Ask For Help!

Talk to friends and family, read a good self-help book (and do the stuff it tells you to do!), find someone like me who’s qualified to help you navigate the process of healing and becoming the real you – you know, the you that loves every day and floats easily past obstacles and insults. The you that bounces back when things go wrong. The you that is sharing your gift with the world, in a big way or one person at a time. We really do only have one life and it’s time to start living it fully, by letting go of our limitations and baggage so that we can fly!

One more thing, if you’re thinking ‘well that’s fine for you, but I can’t do that because….’ that’s fine too. We all have our own time to do things like this in and some people go their whole life before getting to their time. It’s OK if you feel that way. But if you are ready to start choosing a different way, I’d love to hear from you. Drop me an email at and let’s talk or >>click here<< to book a free ‘Get Unstuck’ mini-breakthrough session with me.

I’m feeling great today and that’s no accident! So what are you doing today to feel good on purpose?

Speak to you soon lovely 🙂

With love and gratitude,

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Enjoy life again, you deserve it!

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