Guest Blogger Hazel Robinson: Is your wardrobe getting you down? Would you like to reignite your spark?

Hazel RobinsonI asked my lovely friend Hazel Robinson to write a blog for us, because she is passionate about helping women to feel good, just like me! Hazel approaches this from a different angle though, with her fabulous business Nuts About Style.

In this blog, Hazel writes about how she discovered the link between what she was wearing and how she felt, and how this can make a real difference to you too.  Read on to hear more of Hazel’s story…

 It’s clear that clothes change how we think and feel

Perhaps you know what I mean when you put on your favourite outfit and suddenly your mood lifts?  Research has now confirmed that clothing actually primes the brain to operate and function differently.


Mind What You Wear

Professor Karen Pine in her book ‘Mind What you Wear’ explores the link between women’s moods and their clothing choices. She uncovers that clothing can reinforce negative mood states and that we tend to wear less of our wardrobe when we are stressed (hence feeling stuck in a rut with your style often aligns with not being happy with other areas of our life).


Dressing Up Then Hiding Away

children-419446_1280This research really resonates strongly with me as I, like you, have had my own emotional journey with clothes which I hope you won’t mind me sharing? As a child I spent my life in a dressing up box forever acting out plays and most often seemed to be stuck in the Victorian era – either as a school boy or a scullery maid. Perhaps too much reading of Tom Brown’s School Days…I don’t know! What I do know however was that whatever outfit I was in, I WAS that person, I FELT their feelings.


As a teenager, like most girls my confidence went up and down and I experimented with all sorts of looks but the main one (as I was into heavy metal) was baggy skater jeans and hoodies which provided the perfect hideaway for my teenage angst.

At university, particularly in my first year I was quite body confident (if not innerly confident) and worked hard at the gym to make my body even stronger, perhaps in some ways to cover up or boost the inner confidence. As I started my second year, something happened which rocked this confidence to it’s foundations.


Confidence Lost

I’d always had a slight weakness at the knees and occasionally they’d buckle and I’d find myself sitting on the floor. This became much more serious, brought on by the wrong kind of exercise and suddenly my legs didn’t seem to hold me up anymore. I had to use crutches for the next 8 months or so to get around and was in a lot of pain which resulted in, over a period of time, my confidence being ground down to very little and my mood being perpetually low. Was this reflected in what I wore? Heck yeah! What was the point in looking nice? I couldn’t trust my body so why bother?

I got better but even quite some years afterwards  I hid my body away – dark colours, long skirts, baggy clothing and jog bottoms – when I started to get some therapy the real me began to emerge again.


Brighter Clothes, Better Mood

When I think about it it was only when I started wearing brighter, better fitting clothes and Icloth-493043_1280 could feel my spirits lifting that the link between what we wear and mood was so clear to see. This is what I see everyday with clients, that when they put on something they like the look of themselves in it seems to spark a smile and before we know it their confidence is growing.


This was one of the things that drew me to setting up my styling business. I’d often helped my mum and friends get ready for events and seeing their mood change from despondency to positive and happy because we’d found something they felt good in was something I wanted to see again and again.  What if I could spread this confidence spark a lot further?


Igniting The Spark

This spark and seeing how I could ignite it in others was one of the main reasons I started my Image and Styling business. I wanted to help other women see that they too, despite life and all it might throw at them could still stand tall and like what they see in the mirror.

I know the difference clothes and wearing things you feel good in can make and this is where I really try to practice what I preach, even if I am having an off day or just working at home I still make the effort because I know it will make me feel better. Do you? Perhaps this is something that could help lift you?


My Solution For You

I know it’s hard when you feel stuck in a rut with what you’re wearing.  You fear trying anything fitness-332278_1280new and perhaps don’t think that you can look good anymore. I want to let you know that it is possible, I have seen it many times and I want it to happen for you too. That’s why I would like to offer you an opportunity to finally free yourself from being feeling flat about your wardrobe and get your spark reignited.

I want you to have the time and space to be able to think about the image you want to have, understand why it is your wardrobe is not working and how you can have the image you want. I only have a limited amount of these opportunities on offer and because I want you to see that this change is possible I want to give you this chance for free.

If you’d like to apply for one of these sessions then please click here or find out more in the information panel below.  There are only 6 spaces available, so if you want things to change then the time is now!

Thanks for listening to my story,

Warm wishes,



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Thank you Hazel 🙂

I’ve benefited from one of these sessions with Hazel personally and as a result I finally opened a bank account just for me. That might sound a bit strange, but I’ve always had a joint account with my hubby and never one of my own. This was just one of the reasons I would feel guilty about spending money on clothes for me.  Hazel’s insightful questions enabled me to really start thinking differently about how my wardrobe reflected my inner thinking and empowered me to start changing that thinking.

Remember to book your session now, so you can learn how to create the image that reflects the REAL you and feel good about yourself in your clothes.  You can connect with Hazel via her website here or find her on Facebook through her page here.

Enjoy life again, you deserve it! 

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