Law Of Attraction: How do you think positive when the sticky stuff is hitting the fan?

How are you doing today? I hope the Universe is bringing you everything you want in the most satisfying ways possible.

Sometimes, it just isn’t though, and if you’re into the Law of Attraction, you’ll know that you’re supposed to focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.  Well that’s easy to say isn’t it?  But not so easy to do in practice.

So if you’re wanting to bring something into your life, but you keep noticing the lack of it, or you want to stop bringing something unwanted, how exactly do you do that?

The simplest and easiest way is to keep off the subject all together for a while.  You see, when we try and fix something by focusing on it and trying to problem-solve, we are sending a message to the Universe about the problem – and when we’re doing that, we can’t possibly see a solution. Even worse, we might be attracting more problem!

Here’s a really quick tip you can use to switch your focus anytime.  It’s easy to do, takes minimal effort and feels good too!  I’ve created it as a picture so you can download it to your phone or tablet and keep it in the front of your mind at all times.

Tap and hold the picture then hit 'save image' to download to your device.

Tap and hold the picture then hit ‘save image’ to download to your device.

If you do this consistently, over time you’ll notice that things start to work out more easily, the circumstances you’ve been trying to manifest come about almost miraculously and life is generally a lot more Feel Good!

Are you going to give it a try?  I’d love to know if you do, so please drop me a line or send me a voice message via the contact page.

As always, love and gratitude

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