Guest Blogger Patricia Mauerhofer: Three steps to be happy here and now – part 2



You are living your Best Life if you feel good here and now while doing something that puts you in a state of flow, that is aligned with the goals you want to achieve and that is ‘on purpose‘. Part two of this article focuses on the reasons why these concrete steps are paramount and how you can thrive in all areas of your life.

Let’s recap what we discussed in part 1 of this article. Knowing your mission and living on purpose will act as a great compass and guide in our busy and hectic world. The most effective way to get to a life where you experience holistic, authentic happiness is to know your strengths and to use them consciously in your work and at home. Thirdly, you need to experience in the present moment what I call ‘mind-body success’.

Why are these three steps so important?

DSC_03561As I said before: being crystal clear on your purpose and mission allows you to easily and swiftly make  clear choices in your everyday life.

Knowing about my signature strengths has changed my life. I concentrate more on what I’m best at. Now, whenever I have to do something that I may consider as being a chore or having potential to drain energy I ask myself the following filter questions:

1)      Do I have to do this?

2a)    If not, who can I delegate this to, how can I get support and help?

2b)    If yes, how can I inject fun and ease into it? Concretely: how can I connect the activity to my mission, my values and how can I use my strengths?


Want to thrive in all areas of life?

Being successful means to have achieved holistic success – to thrive in all areas of life. Research has clearly shown that being successful follows being happy – and not the other way around!

Being successful has two aspects. On one hand it’s about getting the results you want in the world in the form of money, work, relationships, love, and lifestyle. Maybe even more important, on the other hand success is about having a radiant mental and physical health, a balanced mind that allows to face inevitable difficulties and bounce back after ‘failures’ or ‘set backs’; it’s about inner mastery and contentment; about knowing what lies in your power to change and to do something about it.

Therefore, I urge you from the bottom of my heart to invest time, energy and focus on feeling happy and well yourself FIRST.


How to instantly feel better? 

Ask yourself the magic question: “What can I do right now to feel a little bit better?”

One great strategy is to do something else: Smile for example, listen to music that cheers you up – both activities release biochemical in your body that will counteract the effect of stress hormones and will allow you to relax your muscles.

Move your body: dance a little dance, go for a brisk 10 minute walk in the fresh air.

file8571279077726A second possibility is to shift your attention! Practise gratitude and remind you of what you have in your life. Write it down. Think about a loved person, about a planned activity you look forward to.

Thirdly, connect with someone you love or who inspires you. J

About Patricia

PatriciaMauerhofer_400One of the founders of positive psychology, Martin Seligman, has the ambitious vision to see 50% of humanity ‘flourish’ in 2050 instead of less than 20% now. My mission is to contribute to this goal. Before I’m 50, I want to empower 1000 women in business to make money while serving others or a greater good and staying well themselves.

You can find out more about my work and myself by connecting with me on facebook: or

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Thank you Patricia!

Wow Patricia, another great article with loads of tips we can take away and use right now!  If you’ve got something out of reading this, do please let us know in the comments and share this post with your friends 🙂


Enjoy life again, you deserve it! 

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