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How To Ditch Guilt (or any ‘negative’ emotion) In 3 Easy Steps

Chocolate Easter eggs guilt

I decided to write this blog on the back of the Easter break. I know lots of us enjoyed some chocolate over the weekend (weeks!) surrounding Easter and I for one revelled in it! But I am aware that some of you might be beating yourself up for eating too much and ‘ruining’ your healthy eating goals/diet/eating plan.

Guilt can be a very destructive emotion if we let it take hold and it can lead to our sometimes fragile self-esteem getting even more battered and bruised. Read on to learn my 3 Steps to ditching guilt, or any other ‘negative’ emotion quickly, easily and healthily (By the way, you’ll see why I keep putting ‘’ around the word negative in just a minute).

Who else feels guilty sometimes?

Lots of things in our daily lives appear to make us feel guilty, like going out to work when we feel we should be home with the kids, spending time with the kids when we feel we should be thinking about a business or work project, accidentally saying something a little thoughtless and hurting someone’s feelings or breaking mum’s favourite vase.

But there’s something you really need to know…

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