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Sub-Personality Clearing Technique
This is the sub-personality clearing technique from the book Mastering Manifestation by Adam James.

It's a really easy technique for clearing the parts of you that are not on board with your goals. If you find yourself saying things like "part of me doesn't want..." about something you're trying to achieve, this is the thing to use. 
Belief Busting Guided Visualisation
This is a limiting belief busting tool from the book Mastering Manifestation by Adam James.  You can listen to this as many times as you want to clear each belief.  Alternatively, once you've done it a few times you can probably use this technique by yourself.
Deep Mind/Body Relaxation Meditation
Based on the meditation called Yoganidra, this is deeply relaxing for both mind and body. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy it without rushing into the next thing. 
Financial Abundance Meditation 
This meditation will take you on a walk, where you will enjoy all the abundance on offer.  It is designed to relax you into an abundant state in relation to money.  Listen often for best effects.
Recommended Reading List
Download this list of books I've read and highly recommend.  The books range from self-help and Law of Attraction all the way through to business tips and success.

Are there books you think I should read?  If so let me know: cindy@thefgcoach.com
5 Whys Worksheet
Use this worksheet to get down deep on any topic. For example to work out what's important to you or your avatar.  It's a well known technique for getting under the surface answers we tend to come up with.
Zero to Superhero in 2 minutes
Use this quick and easy technique any time you need a confidence boost.  Ideal before phone calls, interviews, speeches and more.
Article on Resilience
This is an article I wrote on the importance of and ways to be more resilient.
Healing Judgement and Criticism Worksheet
This is based on the book 'Loving What Is' by Byron Katie.  Use this worksheet to do 'The Work' of questioning damaging thoughts about yourself and others.
Havening Technique
This download will teach you the basics of Havening Technique, which is perfect for dealing with unwanted or negative feelings.
mBraining instructions
Download mBraining instructions in three parts, so you can work through the process outside of our sessions.
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