Is That True? One of the most powerful questions you could ask yourself.

Step 2 in the cheat sheet is really powerful – but only if you do it. Do you know that the first question – is that true? – is one of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself?

Imagine you’ve done an event, got loads of new contacts, but a week later you still haven’t followed up.

You know how to follow up and you know why you should be doing it, so there must be something stopping you. And that thing is FEAR.

Fear can cause us to self-sabotage with procrastination, to such an extent that it can feel like swimming through treacle.

Fear will make us think a bunch of ‘what if’ thoughts like these:

What if they’re busy when I call and they get annoyed?

What if they only gave me their details to get rid of me?

What if they aren’t interested after all?

What if they think I’m pushy?

What if they feel like I’m hassling them?

iphoneWith all of these thoughts going on it should be no surprise that making calls would seem impossible.

Now let’s apply the powerful ‘Is that true?’ question to one of these ‘what ifs’

What if they’re busy when i call and they get annoyed? Is that true?

Well, I’ve no way of knowing if they’re busy before call, but I can try and pick a time I think will be best. I know that sometimes people I want to hear from call when I’m busy. But I don’t think badly of them, I just ask them to rearrange. And even if they are busy, I can’t know they’ll be annoyed. If they are annoyed, nothing bad will happen to me anyway.

Can you see how that one simple question – Is that true? – can turn a thought around and make it so much easier to take action?

Can you now think of some of the ways you can use this in real life?

And are you seeing the possiblities that are opening up as a result of being able to turn your less-supportive thoughts around so quickly and easily?

If you decide to question you thoughts in this way, you could be hitting your next company incentive sooner than you thought possible. But only if you decide. Have you?

Let me know how you get on and if you need any help and speak to you soon.

With gratitude

Cindy 🙂

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