About Cindy

Hi, I’m Cindy Davis, The Feel Good Coach and I specialise in empowering working mums like you, especially in network marketing to create a clear, step-by-step plan so they can:

  • smash through blocks like fears and low self-esteem

  • step into their spotlight

  • be the best they can and still have time for family and fun

That means you will feel free to enjoy more ‘me’ time, feel confident and happier in all areas of your life and be more successful In your business. 

Watch my video to discover more about how I help my clients: 

I Get It!

Listen, I talk to loads of mums and I get it – lots of us feel like we are sacrificing our time for everyone else but life just keeps on getting busier and busier, especially when we’re trying to build a successful business. When will it ever stop? Do you ever find it hard to say no when someone, a team member or one of your family, asks you to do yet another thing you don’t have time for? Has all your get-up-and-go got up and gone?

There’s Good News

It’s no wonder mums often say they’ve have lost confidence since having kids, starting their business, or even after becoming a leader in their network marketing company. That’s exactly what my clients tell me when they start working with me and it really impacts on their ability to grow a successful business. But here’s the best news … change can happen for you really quickly and easily.

I’ve Been There

In my life, I’ve been a stay at home mum, a working mum, a mum in business, a network marketing mum and a stressed, overwhelmed and guilty mum so I can definitely identify with the struggles my clients are going through. I’ve been there!

I’ll let you into a little secret: my kids are all grown-up now but I’m still learning more about me and how I tick every day. It’s always an ongoing process and that’s why I continue to work with my own coaches, people I trust to empower me to overcome my fears and be my cheerleader when I achieve what I set out to.

Feel Good For Life Formula Graphic 2My Unique Feel Good Formula

I want to share with you my unique Five Step Feel Good Formula which is made up of the methods I’ve used myself to bring about the change I wanted. In fact, I’m still doing many of them every single day. (click here to see more on my Feel Good Formula)

Your Shortcut To Happiness and Success in 2016

Maybe you’ve read all the popular self-help books, but you just haven’t found something that clicked for you. Or perhaps you didn’t have the confidence to put what you learned into practice. I’ve done all the reading and learning for you over the last 9 years, and synthesized it into my exclusive Feel Good Formula, so you can take a shortcut to the results you want.

Coaching is Closer Thank You Think

I offer a limited number of complimentary coaching sessions each month and you’re invited to apply for a session today.  If what you’ve read has got you thinking, >>click here<< to apply for your “Fab 2016” coaching session and make 2016 your best year yet.

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To find out how I can help you earn more income, get more balance in your life and feel so much happier:

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Speak to you soon lovely and as always, love and gratitude x

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